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OCRA (Seychelles) Limited, part of the OCRA Worldwide Group of companies, has been providing for the last 11 years: offshore companies, offshore banking, offshore trusts and a wide range of offshore services to expatriates, international businesses, individuals and professional intermediaries.

Since its inception in 1995, OCRA (Seychelles) Limited has been licensed by the authorities and has provided over 2,300 International Business Companies (IBCs). As part of a dynamic and fast-growing offshore jurisdiction, we are ideally placed to offer vehicles suited to the unique requirements of companies and individuals seeking a tax efficient base for their operations.

Communique: Change in Law - Seychelles IBC
OCRA (Seychelles) Limited has received awards by SIBA on their 15th year anniversary celebration as the first international service provider to incorporate a batch of international business companies.
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